Car and wall veneering projects. Graphic development of three-dimensional surfaces. Graphics for mesh materials, billboards and shop windows. Modeling solids in 3D. Concepts and branding of trade fairs stands.

Bruno Tassi Północ (2008 - ...)

For nearly 10 years, I am responsible for preparing a cyclically-published catalog of products for the Bruno-Tassi Północ meat wholesale. During this time the catalog changed with the requirements of the client. The first catalogs were issued from 1 sheet, broken into 3 contributions. Then there were the design of standard 12-page catalogs to finally arrive at where we have over 100 products, recipes, ordering cards and 44 pages.

Fred - Vehicle Service Center (2016 - ...)

In 2016, I took over the advertising service of the Fred Company - Vehicle Service Center. I started from scratch with catalog of company services in the form of automotive newspaper. My original idea met with Fred CEO’s approval. In addition to the content-graphic layout I also prepared material for printing, I created an e-newspaper in the form of a PDF file and a separate section on the website where I put articles from the aforementioned newspaper.

Nelt Company (2010 – 2014)

For more than 4 years I was responsible for graphic design of company promotional materials. These projects included Non-standard forms of 4-valent calendars. The projects featured individual forms of decorations (embossing and selective UV varnish), individual dummies and advertising gadgets, which were an integral part of the calendars. Every year I also worked on directory projects containing about 50 pages and over 200 products each. Catalogs often had non-standard forms, individual dies, decorations, and selective UV varnish.

Schonfeld (2013)

The idea and the original production of a catalog of products for the leading Cheese Manufacturer in Russia. The project assumed the concept of showing imitations of packaging and their contents. In the catalog a place for orders was placed and all the material was enriched with the addition of selective spot lacquer on the cover.

Gdynia City Hall (2015)

In 2015 I was responsible for the concept, creation and preparation of print material for the City Hall of Gdynia. The project was intended for students of middle and high school. The theme of the project was "Youth Independence Organizations in 1945-1956". I was under tremendous pressure of time and to complete the whole concept from composition to print I had only 3 days. In the opinion of third parties the effect of the end of my work as a folder has been very positive.